Shiri's Shapes - Organic Pathways Series 

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The Organic Pathways Series is a collection of original illustrations drawn freehand in Sharpie fine-tipped markers.

Each shape is a path that interlocks with the other paths. The paths have starts, ends, splits, merges, and curves or corners.

Each drawing has different parameters for aspects such as ideal length and width of the paths, the shape of the ends, the shape of the line itself (squiggly? straight? curved? jagged?), etc.

Drawing these freehand means there are be natural, or organic, variations throughout the drawing for each of these elements.

The coloring is done by ritual: for some drawings the colors go in a particular order, for some the size or some other characteristic of each shape determined the color used, and for some I complete a certain number of shapes in one color before moving on to the next.

Make up your own scheme for the coloring pages, the result will be totally different each time!

The main magic is in starting on a path and not quite knowing where it will end up :D



  • Blood-Nerves-Tears-Progress
  • Blood-Nerves-Tears-Square
  • Blood_nerves-Tears-BW-Square
  • Boing-Boing-BW-Square
  • Boing-Boing-Square
  • Jagged-Edge-BW-Aquare
  • Jagged-Edge-Square
  • Slick-Meander-BW-Square
  • Slick-Meander-Square
  • Trippy-Dreams-Square